Warning… warning… danger Will Robinson.


Here’s the thing. I’m not looking to blow the lid off of anyone who is trying to help other people lose weight.

Please, it you’re following anyone’s advice or plan and you haven’t cleared these choices with your GP or doc, you need to.

I know of at least one person who pretends to be getting assistance from the medical community while the reality is they are simply copying and pasting aspects from other diets around the internet. It’s just fact and yes, I do have actual proof of this.

Some people on the internet lie. They just do. It’s how it goes in real life, it’s not going to be any different online. They may be misguided, they may have the best intentions and what they are doing might be working for them and others…

If you have an underlying health condition, following anyone’s advice (aside from a medically trained professional) can have very serious long term ramifications.

Fiancee B has MS, we get crazy advice from all over the place, including from other MS patients. The thing is, it’s a tricky illness and serious changes can bring on stress related relapses. These relapses can have permanent consequences. We do take the advice we’re given by well meaning people, but we take it to a team of professionals (neuro, gp and naturopath) and research the shit out of it until we’re satisfied the advice can be taken in a safe and sound manner.

Best example of this recently. B is underweight. At 6’4 he is weighing in at 147 lbs. Crazy, I know. So we do a little asking around, we do a little research and what do we hear and find? Fiancee B needs to take in about 3500 calories a day to gain 1lb a month. We could do what a few people suggest, slam back some high calorie, high fat foods and wash it down with Boost… or we could realize that a lot of foods have triggers for MS symptoms. A lot of them are high fat, high calorie foods. We could also be told that he should start with aiming for 2000 calories a day and increase that by 100 calories each week until he hits 3500. Why? Well, going from 2000 to 3500 without warning can through a big concrete block into his intestines and cause all sorts of nasty issues. So we talked with our medical pros, in real life, in person, during an appointment and we have an appropriate, medically supervised plan to help him gain weight.

People, there is a reason I see Dr.W every two weeks. She is supportive all the way, she makes sure I’m doing what I need to do to make long term changes and have results that best suit my nutritional needs. One week I can lose 6 lbs, another I can drop .5. It all depends on how much I’m moving, how much I’m eating and how insanely hectic my life is (yes stress can play a factor in weight loss).

I made a pact to not get on a scale until the end of May. For me, the scale can be a dangerous trigger. Dr.W weighs me, I stand facing away from the numbers. She knows, but I won’t. I work better that way. Weigh in once a month so I can see the progress, but it doesn’t become obsessive that way.

It’s the only body you have people, don’t throw it away on fads or plans that might work for others. You could end up sick or worse. Even if they have cleared it for them, doesn’t mean it’s best for you.

See your doctor, don’t always trust someone else saying they have cleared it with theirs.


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