Feeling quite blue.


Dear Canada,

Do you not your news every morning? Harper was found in contempt of parliament. What part of that do you not understand?

He doesn’t care about ‘your Canada’ he cares about ‘the Harper government‘. Kiss good bye strides in our culture and arts programs, our vote to legalize same sex marriage…. Say goodbye to your CPP of the future, the truth about our environment and a woman’s right to be heard.

I hope you enjoy all of those new federal super prisons, fighter jets and one of the biggest budgetary deficits our country has ever seen. He handed over our science and technology sector over to a man who doesn’t believe in evolution.

40% of eligible voters were not heard.

300 people in Egypt *died* for their right to vote… a right you threw away.

Women in this country died to get the rights of women voters in Canada only 104 years ago… within the life time of my great grandmother. You ignored their hard work.

Four years of Harper people… four years for him to waste our taxes dollars, destroy our culture, dismiss immigration, takes rights from the LGBT community. He broke spending laws to get there, campaigned illegally on election day, reduced regulations in our food safety, took down images of past prime ministers and replaced them with his own image in parliament, belongs to a church that believes that rapture is currently upon us, doesn’t care about the well being and rights of the first nations people in this country and condoned the detention and torture of innocent people in Afganistan.

Welcome to your new dictatorship folks, now kindly drink the Harper flavoured koolaid.


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  1. It is such a sad day. At least there’s some positive news for the NDP and Greens… silver lining I guess.

    • It’s just so frustrating! I’m not completely against the conservatives… but Harper? Seriously?

      Was amazed at the NDP surge and glad the Greens finally got a seat.

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