Painting day!


So excited! Did I mention I have awesome friends?

11 grown ups and assorted kids showing up today to paint out house. It’s hard to just get all of this done with so much going on in ours lives.

I am grateful for awesome friends.

I will miss my red walls… my chocolate brown walls. I won’t miss my sloppily painted kitchen (previous resident) or my bathroom it’s dull white. I won’t miss how dark it gets here in the winter when the red and brown start to feel closed in and little oppressive.

Our house (obviously) doesn’t normally look like it does right now, most of our furniture is in the garage and there’s boxes here and there. It feels a lot like moving actually! Also, clothing rack is SUPER handy when you’re trying to sort through large amounts of clothing. Getting rid of everything that is too big for me and too small for munchkins. A trailer parked in our driveway today is a little shameful. We’re tossed 5 bags of non-daily garbage with the declutter that has accompanied the paint project and filled a ridiculous 15 bags of clothes, toys, books and miscellaneous nonsense we no longer need. A lot of stuff got boxed away when we were merging our two homes together and we’re now gotten rid of about half of it. There is more to go but since I toss and paint when I’m stressed, I can’t imagine it will take long to get the rest of this under control before wedding in September.



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