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Went to take the new bike ride for a test this morning… realized I forgot to pump up the tires. They were flat from storage.

Going to see if MoH Mel wants to hit the ride tonight at 8 instead with me… we’ll see how it goes. If not, solo mission tomorrow morning.

Wedding invites are coming along nicely, so many to do!

Court next Friday, possibly, hoping to agree with ex about adjourning to a settlement conference instead. Seems that’s the direction we’re headed in so I see no reason to waste our time with next Friday. Guess we’ll see.

Picking up labels for cds in the invites today or tomorrow, have to get hair cut this morning and hit dollar stores tonight for some supplies for cake stands.

Busy day all around, finally losing the rain that’s plagued us for the past few weeks… only to slam into a heat wave! Yeesh!

Will post pictures later today of invitation stuff, making our own has taken some time, but I’m glad we did it… or I will be when they’re all finally finished.


struggles and victories


still without my own laptop, debating on getting desktop since we homeschool and it might be easier to have one of each

getting through the invite construction, taking a little time because I’m scrapbooking them myself with a little help from friends

eating well, looking forward to dinner out with friends on Wednesday night

still not getting to the gym as much as I’d like, I have early morning kids again so I’m back to a 5 am routine. Thankfully it’s summer hours for all extra curricular activities so my evenings are much easier, I can get to bed much earlier than before

Miss D was in a production of ‘Children’s Letters to God’ and she was outstanding. There was some miscommunication between my sister and I about the availability of DVDs after the performance so I didn’t bring my own recorder. Caught some on my cell but not great quality. Glad I had Sunday tickets (sister and mother had Saturday tickets)

Starting my ‘finally local produce’ cleanse of the year shortly, waiting to see Dr. W, looking forward to 3 weeks of clean eating

frustrated with something here re: legal mumbo jumbo, hoping it will resolve ASAP

weekend was long, had a ridiculously difficult time getting to B’s nieces 1st birthday party on Sunday. 2 hour drive to 5 hours. Yeesh.

B and I were figuring out where to register for wedding/showers… he suggested ‘that little import place you like so much’

for the record… he means IKEA

truth truth and more truth



My summer pjs (nighties with strap shoulders) are all, as expected, too big. Each morning B gets a bit of a show because the straps knots I tied the night before have loosened up.

I get to shop next week

I love the new jeans (yes, still just one pair) and I’ve had a lot of compliments on them

I’m getting a little annoyed by people asking me (in front of others) how the heck I’m losing weight and going on about how I look so different. It’s one thing to have this conversation in private or quietly, it’s another to say it loudly and in front of my kids.

I don’t talk about diet and weight loss in front of my kids.

I do talk about struggling with being an unhealthy size and that over eating and eating the wrong foods have hurt my body and I have to work hard to change it.

I still have no laptop of my own.

I’m okay with that since I’ve been making the invites for the wedding all week and too busy to be online much.

I am going to a clothing giveaway today to see if I can find some clothes that will fit me because I am too cheap to buy a lot of things while I am still losing.

I had some work related news that was a much-needed relief in a very stressful situation.

No, I can’t explain what it was.

We have 105 days until the wedding.

Why yes, I am excited… thank you for asking.

Lies, lies and more lies


I may or may not have consumed approximately 4 litres of diet pepsi in the last 3 days.

I am certainly not completely losing my shit about the impending mail strike assumed to begin the day before our invitations are ready at the printers.

I did not skip the gym for the last 5 days because I needed sleep.

I did not count ‘lawn maintenance’ as a work out to help justify the lie lie lie statement above.

I did not completely lose my crap on B for only slightly good reason 6 hours before oldest H’s 9th birthday party (pssst… and if I did, it was not because he managed to tear a hole in a full garbage, pouring about 1 cup of maple syrup on to the floor I had just washed)

I did not have crazy, dirty, biker dreams about the lead from Sons of Anarchy last night.

I am not at all worried about the fact that I have to go back to court for family matters relating to ex and children in 2 1/2 weeks… or the fact that we haven’t heard a decision from OCL and their involvement yet.

I haven’t felt so stressed that I needed to paint a wall or two.

I haven’t looked longingly at laptops every time I visit the local electronics department.

I haven’t neglected my physics university prep course for the last two weeks in favour of wedding knitting.

I didn’t get a tail light for my car as birthday gift from my father (Mr. Practical himself… it is actually necessary)

I definitely did not let the children lick a bunch of icing off of the hand held mixer beaters while making cupcakes for H’s birthday cake.

I did not have my first beer in about 10 years on Sunday because everyone else was having one and I felt a little wound up.

I do not still hate beer… bleh, I can’t even lie about that one. Super gross. I just don’t get it.

I am absolutely not getting a tonne of things accomplished without the distraction of my laptop… I did not waste too much time on it before it went kapoooooot.

I must confess


So… I wasn’t sure how to say this here.

I haven’t eaten since Tuesday night.

There, I said it.

I felt a little silly talking about tooth trouble again, I swear I brush regularly. Though that wasn’t true as a small child.  Parents, make sure your kids brush and floss… seriously.

I was enjoying a french fry an apple and something in my mouth felt funny. Along the row of molars on the top left side of my mouth I have 2 fillings. I got them when I was 9 in my permanent molars. When I was dealing with the cracked root canal a few weeks ago my dentist said they looked like they were still in good shape, but because they were almost 24 years old I should expect them to be replaced soon. Especially since B and I are thinking baby in the nearish future. The average amalgma filling lasts 12-15 years. I’ve had mine for 24… hat’s off to Dr. Park for doing such a kick ass job the first time around. I felt a little silly talking about tooth trouble again, I swear I brush regularly.

Removing an old amalgam filling carries some mercury inhalation risk and I wouldn’t want to deal with that while pregnant.

There was humming and hawing a few weeks ago about how to proceed. Apparently the fillings heard all the discussion and, feeling unwelcome, decided they wanted to leave the safe nest of my teeth.

Unless the filling physically falls out, my dentist can’t get me in until Tuesday morning. I can’t chew until Tuesday morning. Can’t chew anything… believe me, I tried a small chunk of banana on Tuesday night and I could feel movement. So, no food for me.

I don’t do well without food. I get cranky. I need to chew something… but no, I’m back to living on tepid soup, water, jello and room temperature smoothies. Trying to get in enough calories to keep up with the gym routine is largely made possible by my magic bullet, yoghurt and frozen fruit.

This sucks. I want wild rice, I want celery, I want salad, I want sushi…