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Easter and Christmas

Two mornings, without fail, that do not require the use of parental alarm clocks…



I’m struggling a little today.

The stress of the ex, the wedding planning, the fact that I have plans for every single weekend between now and the end of June.

To top it off an old friend has a son in the ICU right now, not my detail to share but good thoughts are appreciated.

Red and sweaty, but made it to the top


Here are the pics from Saturday. I didn’t want to bring my good camera, so I had to shoot with my cell

on the way up!

Very official underground parking

Yeesh! Not a great before pic

My official time stamp card

Yes, that is the glass floor looking down .5k to the ground. It was so foggy and rainy that we couldn’t see much.

and finally….

Our ears were popping the whole way down, nothing serious but Miss H was not a fan.
the ride back down

If you haven’t been here before: a note

If you haven’t been here before: a note

Last year I decided to start changing my life to get healthy, to set a good example and to get ready for my wedding. Everything was moving along nicely….

On April 10, 2011 my ex, who was convicted in 2006 of sexually assaulting me during our marriage and who hasn’t been part of the lives of his children in 6 years, decided that he wanted them to ‘benefit’ from a relationship with him and his new fiancee and their little blended family of children.

This blog isn’t just about fighting my way into a gorgeous white dress. This blog isn’t just about fighting my way to a healthier body. This blog is now also about fighting for my safety, for the safety and best interests of my children and about fiancee B, who holds my hand the whole way. This blog is about how I get my life back after domestic abuse.

Some posts with be funny, some boring and some will deal with the very real aftermath of leaving abuse.

Thank you for reading our story.



This song used to get me through the night

It sounds silly, I know… but it made me angry enough to not call him in those first weeks after I left the ex behind

Sadly, it’s not that easy to throw away reminders of someone you thought loved you enough to change. The reality is, men like the ex don’t change. The ex would go months and months without incident and then something would explode. The cycle of fear and anger just got smaller and smaller and the time line was smaller and smaller until I was constantly walking on eggshells to keep him from losing his temper.

I finished the climb…


I’m frickin wiped

took two aleve to ease the muscles in my back and shoulders

going to bed

pictures tomorrow

given that I was sick three weeks ago, have a cough, crazy blood pressure/stress this week and exhausted from a week of no sleep… I would say climbing 144 flights of stairs, reaching 1/2 km into the sky in 59 mins and 39 seconds was a job well done

A little help from our friends…


Today was long, stressful and ended with good and bad.

I’ll go into that later, right now I’m going to just say that I have some pretty amazing friends.

B and I have been trying to get the bathroom, hallways and stairway painted for quite some time now. Something just always takes priority: kids, life, work.

We have and load of amazing friends coming over at the end of the month to have breakfast and help us just get it done. So much craziness in the coming months between the ex nonsense and the wedding plans, it needs to get done, but when? Well… we set a Sunday and we’re buying the paint this week. Really looking forward to just having it all finished.

The reality is, there are social workers in our future. People dropping in on our house, I’d rather just have it all in good shape paint wise.