Music to sweat your ass off to


I’m dumping and reloading my ipod tonight (finally!)…

I need some good work out recommendations.

I have a lot of Gaga and Britney on there (hey, you, yeah you with the judging face… bugger off, it’s got good beat). Also Eminem, T.A.T.U., U2, Rhianna, PussyCat Dolls….

Suggest away please!


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  1. because you’ve had some rock music posted at one time or another I suggest some Lost prophets, and specifically the song “start something”

    And because he is all the rage these days and I always hear something new when I listen I suggest anything from Girl Talk. He’s a mixtape DJ and has some fantastic mash-ups of great stuff we grew up with.

    • I’m super familiar with Girl Talk, B has worked with him a few times and they correspond regularly. I should take a look at the catalogue of their stuff downstairs along with Lost Prophets.

      I live with an audiophile but all of his suggestions are his music taste and they make me a little twitchy.

      Thank you!

  2. Go Crazy – (Pitbull – Mr. Worldwide)
    Shawty Got Moves – (Get Cool – Step Up 3D Soundtrack)
    Stereo Love – (Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina – The Definitive DJ Deluxe Edition)

    and club mixes in general are good to keep you on pace

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