From the desk of 7 year old Miss D


On dental hygiene:

I am taking a long time to make sure I brush my teeth properly. I would not like to have my teeth turn black like the old Queen Elizabeth. She had gold, she should have seen the dentist and given it to them to fix those teeth up. Anyway. I want super white teeth.

When asked what she would like for breakfast:

I would like a popsicle? No? Um, how about a lollipop… What? No? Okay, a sucker. This is my final request. You have to fulfill a final request, it’s like the law

When asked how Brownies went:

I saw a lot of people I know from last year when I was really young and I was a Spark. I saw A and I saw J and I saw… um, this girl’s who I cannot remember her name. Oh, and I saw Iris. I’ve know Iris for like, 13 years.

When getting ready for bed:

Mom, somehow both of my legs ended up in one pantleg and now I’m stuck here. Oldest H is laughing at me. This is not funny, it is very serious. MOMMY, she is STILL laughing at me.

When asked by another child what ‘Despicable Me’ is about

her: It is about a guy who commits anus crimes.
me: you mean heinous crimes
her: no, I’m pretty sure that’s guy is an anus crime committer
me: trust me, it’s heinous

On her upcoming first science class:

I hope I get to blow something up. I’m so excited about being on Myth Busters.

**for the record, she will not be on myth busters… we just use that for some of our hypothesis practice, they are attending a similarly named class for her science requirements

On my advance poll vote this past Monday

her: Can I go vote to?
me: Nope, you must be 18
her: Mommy, I don’t think they’re going to believe you’re 18 anymore

When asked to pose for a picture next to an ‘athlete’ at the Ontario Science Centre. Before you ask, yes, this pose was of her own design

Yup, they’re both pretty awesome… Tomorrow, wise words from Oldest H


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