The key to a successful weight loss venture is (I’m convinced) proper planning and scheduling.

The key to successful homeschooling is proper planning and scheduling.

The key to raising, healthy, happy families is… you got it: proper planning and scheduling.

We’re about the enter May which is lovingly referred to as ‘hell month’ in our home. The music industry kicks up the pace for B’s work. H and D both have their year end ballet recitals plus all of the dress rehearsals that come along with that. I have to make time with a lawyer. D has her final theatre classes and her year end performance. My birthday, H’s birthday, packing for Brownies camp, grandma’s birthday, everyone coming to paint next weekend, wedding planning, invitations need to go out, plans need to be firmed up with all venues (especially since, coincidentally, someone tried to call some of our vendors and cancel our contracts a few day after the ex filed for access to the children… hmmmmmm) and who knows when I’ll get the call/letter from the OCL about whether or not they feel my children need an advocate in court.

I am confident that proper planning and scheduling will get us through. It also helps that I have our whole month’s worth of meals planned out and I’m trying to double up on all of our cooking for the next week so I don’t have to cook for the following one.

Oh, and then there’s this pesky Canadian federal election (totally needed!) but since I voted yesterday in advance polls… not such a time sucker for me in May. I should mention… we have a local Pirate Party of Candidate running. I wish I could have taken a photo of the ballot yesterday to share.

I’m off to sort through toys in Oldest H’s room this morning, downsizing her stock. We try to do this before birthdays, the dates are 6 months and 2 days apart it makes sense to do it right before birthdays. Plus picking up yarn for her shawl for the wedding. I cast off on Miss D’s on Saturday night…


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