Unlocking posts


I’m starting to unlock posts… slowly, a few a day until I talk to lawyer.

My words about the custody stuff could/likely are being read by the ex and/or the ex’s friends. I stand by the things I have written. I will not be his victim any longer, I will not allow my children to be his victim ever again.

This is just my life right now. Prayers, encouraging words are always appreciated, internet ‘love’ does boost our hearts a little.

The facts are as they are. They will come out as the as heard in a court of law. I will talk about my feeling, I will talk about B’s feelings, I likely won’t talk about my kids feelings often because it’s their privacy at stake.

Even if all of the scary stuff didn’t exist (which it does) the simple fact remains that they haven’t had any sort of relationship with the ex in almost 6 years. At 9 and 7, they have never expressed a desire to know him, meet him or have any sort of relationship with him.

They have a stable and loving family that is intact in their own home. They know that the grownups in this home are there for them no matter what. They are secure in the knowledge that they are safe and loved.


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