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The Wiggles


And not the funny guys in colourful shirts.

I have a serious case of the belly jiggle. I’m starting to see the side effects of plus sized weight loss in the belly area.

On the plus side (no pun intended) my skin feels soft and silky from all of the extra attention it’s getting… but there is a lot of jiggle.

I’m not bent out of shape about it, it’s just getting more obvious.




Also, I got up to the to the gym today.

Take that, royal wedding coverage.

Need to get back on the track for losing the inches… 2.5 to go in the hips, waist is .5 from being exactly where it needs to be for the dress to fit perfectly! You can’t suck in hips, so I’m going to figure out what I need to do to work those thighs and little harder.

Oldest H is my thinker


She keeps it to herself… when oldest H says something funny, it’s not silly like Miss D.

It’s dry, it’s witty and it makes us laugh.

She quiet, she’s shy, she’s intelligent and she reminds me more of B everyday. She adores him, looks up to him.

Sometimes it’s hard to realize that she’s getting older. She turns 9 next month and I can’t help to think about the fact that in as many years she’ll move away to University! I’m halfway to the point where my darling baby girl will be moving away.

I know I said I would post her little witticisms to giggle about… but I’m feeling nostalgic.

Oldest H is my ‘challenge me’ baby. A heart condition diagnosed in her first few weeks, an anomaly that should have presented a certain way but baffled the pediatrician by presenting in a completely different one. She didn’t sleep through the night until she was 7… weeks after her surgery to correct an unknown case of sleep apnea. We still struggle occasionally to get a full night of sleep around her.

At 3 she could get out of her bed, over a baby gate, over a second baby gate, through a child lock, a locked fence gate and through a closed pool safety gate if it meant she could dip her toes in the swimming pool. We dubbed her ‘Little Miss Houdini’. She hasn’t stopped living up to that nickname yet.

At 7 she was happy to jump off a 20 foot cliff with me into the lakes… she looked up to the 75 foot level and wanted to tackle it also. She pushes her riding instructor to let her run faster on that horse, to jump higher. She jumps in the path of the soccer ball in a field full of older boys and doesn’t think twice when she slips in the mud. She was desperate to climb the cn tower with me a few weeks ago but age limits put a stop to that.

Last summer she got her very first skinned knee… her first wound of the playground variety. Despite being incredibly active and spending so much time outdoors she managed to make it to age 8 without any need for band-aids. She tripped head over heels and managed to scrape the tops of her feet, her ankles, knees, both hands, elbows, her chin, her forehead and we later learned, fractured her nose. When she did this… she calmly walked inside and said “I think I need a band aid” a few quiet tears running down her face, no drama… just a need for a band-aid.

The strange thing is, despite being my fearless older leader child, never afraid to fall, never afraid to play with the animals, never afraid to camp in a rainstorm or help someone who is hurting… she is the one who makes you earn her love and trust. If you push her, she shuts you out. She worries about being emotionally hurt by people, she takes a long time to trust people. She wants to make sure they deserve it. She loves on her own terms. I’m so blessed to have unconditional love from her, to have that unbroken trust without fail.

She’s my dreamer… she’s my adventure taker…

Music to sweat your ass off to


I’m dumping and reloading my ipod tonight (finally!)…

I need some good work out recommendations.

I have a lot of Gaga and Britney on there (hey, you, yeah you with the judging face… bugger off, it’s got good beat). Also Eminem, T.A.T.U., U2, Rhianna, PussyCat Dolls….

Suggest away please!

From the desk of 7 year old Miss D


On dental hygiene:

I am taking a long time to make sure I brush my teeth properly. I would not like to have my teeth turn black like the old Queen Elizabeth. She had gold, she should have seen the dentist and given it to them to fix those teeth up. Anyway. I want super white teeth.

When asked what she would like for breakfast:

I would like a popsicle? No? Um, how about a lollipop… What? No? Okay, a sucker. This is my final request. You have to fulfill a final request, it’s like the law

When asked how Brownies went:

I saw a lot of people I know from last year when I was really young and I was a Spark. I saw A and I saw J and I saw… um, this girl’s who I cannot remember her name. Oh, and I saw Iris. I’ve know Iris for like, 13 years.

When getting ready for bed:

Mom, somehow both of my legs ended up in one pantleg and now I’m stuck here. Oldest H is laughing at me. This is not funny, it is very serious. MOMMY, she is STILL laughing at me.

When asked by another child what ‘Despicable Me’ is about

her: It is about a guy who commits anus crimes.
me: you mean heinous crimes
her: no, I’m pretty sure that’s guy is an anus crime committer
me: trust me, it’s heinous

On her upcoming first science class:

I hope I get to blow something up. I’m so excited about being on Myth Busters.

**for the record, she will not be on myth busters… we just use that for some of our hypothesis practice, they are attending a similarly named class for her science requirements

On my advance poll vote this past Monday

her: Can I go vote to?
me: Nope, you must be 18
her: Mommy, I don’t think they’re going to believe you’re 18 anymore

When asked to pose for a picture next to an ‘athlete’ at the Ontario Science Centre. Before you ask, yes, this pose was of her own design

Yup, they’re both pretty awesome… Tomorrow, wise words from Oldest H



The key to a successful weight loss venture is (I’m convinced) proper planning and scheduling.

The key to successful homeschooling is proper planning and scheduling.

The key to raising, healthy, happy families is… you got it: proper planning and scheduling.

We’re about the enter May which is lovingly referred to as ‘hell month’ in our home. The music industry kicks up the pace for B’s work. H and D both have their year end ballet recitals plus all of the dress rehearsals that come along with that. I have to make time with a lawyer. D has her final theatre classes and her year end performance. My birthday, H’s birthday, packing for Brownies camp, grandma’s birthday, everyone coming to paint next weekend, wedding planning, invitations need to go out, plans need to be firmed up with all venues (especially since, coincidentally, someone tried to call some of our vendors and cancel our contracts a few day after the ex filed for access to the children… hmmmmmm) and who knows when I’ll get the call/letter from the OCL about whether or not they feel my children need an advocate in court.

I am confident that proper planning and scheduling will get us through. It also helps that I have our whole month’s worth of meals planned out and I’m trying to double up on all of our cooking for the next week so I don’t have to cook for the following one.

Oh, and then there’s this pesky Canadian federal election (totally needed!) but since I voted yesterday in advance polls… not such a time sucker for me in May. I should mention… we have a local Pirate Party of Candidate running. I wish I could have taken a photo of the ballot yesterday to share.

I’m off to sort through toys in Oldest H’s room this morning, downsizing her stock. We try to do this before birthdays, the dates are 6 months and 2 days apart it makes sense to do it right before birthdays. Plus picking up yarn for her shawl for the wedding. I cast off on Miss D’s on Saturday night…