The good with the bad


I woke up this morning, stiff and sore. Boot camp muscle pain seems to kick in on the second day. I wondering if a 5:30 shot of cardio at the gym is a good remedy for this? We’ll know tomorrow I suppose, my bag will be packed and I’m off to do 45 minutes on the cross trainer.

My scale and I had a long talk this morning. Needless to say, I won and it finally dropped almost a full two pounds this week (yay!). This means I’m well on my way to hitting my goal for October 31. I just have to keep focused and on track.  It’s going to be tough in the next 4 days to do so. I work for a child care agency and only get paid once per month. The last 4-6 days are always a little tight.  Every month we say we’ll make it all stretch without having to live with on foot in our overdraft, but it seems like there’s a holiday or event at least every month that prevents this from happening! Not to mention the wedding planning costs.

Only 68 days until I order my dress!  I’m excited and worried all at the same time. I don’t want to get all puffed up and over-confident about my weight loss and order a dress that’s way to small, but at the same time… Ordering it large might kill some of my momentum. I’m blessed to have a great naturopathic doctor helping me along, good support network with a few of my friends. Fiancee B’s trying to be great (but keeps offering me chips and cookies when he grabs a snack! Ack!)  I start another round of boot camp on the 25th with my dear friend Cara who is also paddling along in this boat of weight loss, more incentive to work hard and to keep on track!

My heart still breaks today for my knitterly friend P who lost her husband of 4 years suddenly. Apparently he’s been suffering from some sort of chest infection, collapsed yesterday and was gone very quickly after that.  She moved to the UK with him 6 years ago, her family is fighting for their rush passports to get to her and thankfully there are other knitters there with her so she is not alone right now.

I’m at a loss for the words to help her. What do you say to someone who’s just lost a spouse? She’s only 29 for heaven’s sake, she shouldn’t be a widow now.

Fiancee B is now on a waiting list to have CCSVI surgery in New York next year. We’re waiting to hear on the date right now. It’s going to cost about $10,000, plus hotel and travel. His mother is going to come with us, or go with him in the event that I have to stay here with the kids. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it I suppose, but in light of yesterday I’m now terrified to lose him. I’m not sure what my life would be like without him. I mean, I know I would survive… I have survived horrible and tremendous things that no one should ever have to go through. The question is just. How?

I suppose that’s enough good and bad this morning.  I should wake up the monkeys and start getting them out the door!



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