I made it through Thanksgiving CDN ed.


It was a long weekend.  A really, really long weekend.

The first struggle was leaving on time, which we never do.  In keeping with tradition we left a full day late on our journey. The drive is about 4 hours, and I wanted to make sure that the kids were in a good mood before spoiling that all with a long car ride.  Kill the spirit young, I say!

We finally got out the door around lunch time, made it about 45 minutes from home before the first whines of ‘I’m hungry” came out of the rear seats.  I looked over to grabbed the goodbyn lunch boxes I had packed for each of us, only to realise I’d left them at home on the table. Around this time, I realized I had neglected to bring my running shoes and socks also.  Not a great start.

All in all though, the weekend when well.  Took a lot of photos (will post pictures soon! I promise!) and ate too many carbs.  I’m actually up 1kg today, not good.  I have boot camp tonight, so hopefully I can plow my way through the work out without throwing up or giving up!



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