Thanksgiving – Canadian Edition


It’s turkey time!

Well, it’s turkey time for my family… for me, it is large salad and trying to workout outside in bear country.

We head up north tomorrow to my family’s cottage, fiancée B, my daughter’s H and D and me. My parents and sister will also be up there this weekend.  Three dogs (one for each household). Should be crowded but fun.

We’ve had a long-standing tradition of going to a Moose Lodge up in Muskoka for Thanksgiving dinner, but sadly in the last two years that tradition has died off. The lodge doesn’t have enough volunteers to host the event and you have to be a member to help out, so there’s not much we can do to fix this.

It’s a little disappointing. My parents took me to my first Thanksgiving there when I was only a few months old, my oldest daughter H had her first there, my youngest D missed out on her first there because there were things going on in my first marriage and I had to stay home. We used to stand in this ridiculous line up to get in, the lodge only held about 80 people and hundreds come through the night to eat. In line we’d talk with old friends in the area, people we only saw once a year. We’d see our cousins, more family, new family. It was wonderful.  Even if the line took an hour (though it often took longer!) you were never bored.

I’m going miss that line up more than anything else in the years to come. It was just as much a part of my family’s holiday as the food and celebration is.

Speaking of the food. Composure and will power are going to be toughies this weekend. How am I supposed to keep on track when surrounded by some of the best tasting but worst for you foods?  Pray for me! I’ll need all the help I can get! I’m also taking a huge box of fresh veggies to keep me feeling full and satisfied so I don’t over do it.

Trying to get a little exercise should be an interesting situation. The area is heavily populated by bears preparing for the winter, we’re out in the country but close to a greenhouse. This makes us a regular pit stop on the dining tour of black bears.

Dear Internet, if I survive… I’ll see you Monday night.



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